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DescriptionWipe Drive Contents before Re-installation of the Operating System, Hard Drive Eraser / Wiper CD Disc Disk 32/64Bit [Windows - Linux - Mac] When most computers 'delete' a file it does not actually remove the contents of the file but rather simply unlinks the file from the file directory system, leaving the contents of the file in the disk sectors.


This data will remain there until the operating system uses those sectors when writing new data. Until the old data is overwritten (and this may take months or longer) it can be recovered by programs that read disk sectors directly, such as forensic software.


Your best option is to wipe the drive before reinstallation of the operating system.


This disc will wipe ANY computer hard drive BEYOND any software's ability to recover the data. It can be used to wipe hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, smartphones, external hard drives, and other USB mass storage devices.

DVD / USB Hard Drive Disk Wiper 32/64 Bit - Compatible con Windows, Mac y Linux

SKU: 655368175152
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