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  • The Hiren’s Boot USB: What it is and Why You Need it so Much PLEASE READ This disc will NOT install / Re-install Windows. This disc will NOT activate Windows. Please Notice! Booting from DVD may cause waiting
  • This will help with issues like your hard drive failing, your computer catching nasty viruses, you forgetting your password and not knowing how to recover it, or accidentally losing all the data
  • There are several useful tools installed that are divided into different categories depending on your computer’s problem.
  • Please Notice! Booting from DVD may cause waiting a long time on the Windows logo screen inonome computers.
  • This Is Normal. This is an all-in-one rescue disc solution which is crucial if your PC tends to break down a lot. Hiren’s has numerous Windows Compatible Repair Tools installed so that you can boot into it and fix it aeasilysy as possible.

Hiren's Boot USB PE x64 bit Software Repair Tools Suite 2022 latest version 16.3

SKU: 655368412769
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