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Dear customer before buying this product (USB with Windows 11) be sure that your pc/laptop is compatible.thanks, A&J SOFTWARE

Official Windows 11 requirements

     Processor: 1 GHz or more with 2 or more cores. And 64-bit architecture or SoC.
     RAM: 4GB
     Storage: 64 GB or more.
     System Firmware: UEFI Supported Secure Boot.
     TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0.
     Graphics Card: DirectX 12 or later compatible with WDDM 2.0 driver.
     Screen: High definition (720p) of more than 9 inches and 8-bit color channel.
     Internet connection and Microsoft account.

In addition, there are certain components required for certain features of Windows 11, such as a 5G-compatible modem to access this type of mobile network, an HDR monitor to enjoy automatic HDR when playing games or watching the video, a flash drive to use the BitLocker function to Go, a 1TB or larger NVMe SSD to use the DirectStorage feature, etc.



Carry your own Windows 10 Pro OS everywhere you go in a convenient USB flash drive!


Use in case of a computer no-boot emergency or normal use


You have access to all of your Programs and Documents that are on your main computer


Boot Windows To Go on any PC anywhere with all of your desktop resources and functionality


Windows To Go flash drive transforms any PC into your workspace environment to conveniently get work done anywhere you go.


Does Windows To Go run faster on a USB 3.1 port?


Yes. Because USB 3.1 offers significantly faster speeds than USB 2.0, a Windows To Go drive running on a USB 3.1 port will operate considerably faster. This speed increase applies to both drive provisioning and when the drive is being used as a workspace.



Security certifications for Windows To Go?


Windows to Go is a core capability of Windows when it's deployed on the drive and is configured following the guidelines for the applicable security certification. Solutions built using Windows To Go can be submitted for more certifications by the solution provider that covers the solution provider’s specific hardware environment. For more information about Windows security certifications, see the following articles.


What is Windows To Go?


Windows To Go is a feature of Windows 10 Pro that enables users to boot Windows from a USB-connected external drive. Windows To Go drives can use the same image that enterprises use for their desktops and laptops and can be managed the same way. Offering a new mobility option, a Windows To Go workspace is not intended to replace desktops or laptops, or supplant other mobility offerings.


Windows 10 Pro. customers utilizing Volume Activation Windows licensing will be able to deploy USB drives provisioned with Windows To Go workspace. These drives will be bootable on multiple compatible host computers. Compatible host computers are computers that are


  • USB boot capable
  • Have USB boot enabled in the firmware
  • Meet Windows 7 minimum system requirements
  • Have compatible processor architectures (for example, x86 or AMD64) as the image used to create the Windows To Go workspace. ARM is not a supported processor for Windows To Go.
  • Have firmware architecture that is compatible with the architecture of the image used for the Windows To Go workspace

Booting a Windows To Go workspace requires no specific software on the host computer. PCs certified for Windows 7 and later can host Windows To Go.


The following topics will familiarize you with how you can use a Windows To Go workspace and give you an overview of some of the things you should consider in your design.


Who can use This USB With Windows 11 Pro 64-bit To Go?

Lawyer Medical Surgeon Paleontologist

Engineer Historian Geographer

Biologist Philologist Psychologist

Mathematician Architect Computerist

Botanical Journalist Professor

Physicist Sociologist Pharmacologist

Nurse Political Scientist

Electrician Librarian Paramedic

Sound technician Archilogist Musician

Philosopher Secretary Translator

Anthropologist Tourism technician Economist

Administrator Linguist Radiologist
Accountant Psychoanalyst Ecologist



Pro Portable Live USB flash drive - Windows 11 To Go certified - 256 GB

SKU: 655368420429
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