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02.About Linux OS & Linux Distribution

03.Lab Setup

04.Make Bootable USB

05.Termux Setup

06.Linux Basic Commands

07.How To Be Anonymous On The Internet

08.Social Engineering

09.Maskphish In Termux

10.Port Forwarding With Ngrok

11.Create Password Wordlist

12.Password Wordlist Generating By Crunch

13.Crack Instagram Password By Bruteforce

14.Gather Instagram Password By Phishing Attack

15.Gather Instagram Password By Keylogger Attack

16.Bruteforce Vs Dictionary Attack

17.Crack Instagram Password By Dictionary Attack

18.Gather Instagram Password Without Port Forwarding

19.Instagram BITB (Browser In The Browser) Attack

20.Unlimited Instagram Followers (Advance Phishing)

21.Bypass 2 Factor Authentication

22.Instagram Vulnerabilities

23. Detect Email/ phone no. Of instgram I'd

Social Media Course

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